Brooklyn’s Own MReck TV Team Capture “The Culture” For New York IPTV and UIN


IGEYSER UIN WIRE | (BROOKLYN, NY) – A display of innovation and star power, Ray Ban and Meta hosted a private VIP event that blended cutting-edge technology with the high energy of hip-hop culture. The one-night-only concert featured performances by legendary artists Busta Rhymes and Offset, with special appearances and sounds by DJ Saige.

With London artist Lil Simz as one of the faces of a new marketing campaign for Ray Ban, the event, themed- “Hands Where Your Eyes Can See,” showcased the latest Meta smart glasses, merging the classic look of Ray Ban’s with Meta’s advanced technology. Inspired by Busta Rhymes’ iconic single “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” the evening highlighted the transformative potential of smart glasses immersed with live entertainment.

Attendees experienced the concert through a futuristic lens, capturing every moment hands-free with the Ray Ban Meta smart glasses. The glasses allow users to take photos and videos, make phone calls, and interact with Meta AI- without the need to glance down at a screen. This technology enhances live events by adding a layer of interactivity and convenience, bridging the gap between the audience and performers in unprecedented ways.

Busta Rhymes and Offset took the stage, as the crowd experienced a blend of old-school, new school, and the future showing how smart glasses capture the energy and passion of live events.

Amongst the crowd covering the night’s performance was MReck TV, popular YouTube channel known for gritty, real-time commentary on urban culture and entertainment. MReck, a charismatic host on his social platforms, has built a substantial following with a unique blend of street smarts and intellectual discourse, making his presence known amongst the crowd.

New York IPTV teamed with MReck for coverage of the event to provide an authentic, up-close perspective, capturing the raw energy and excitement of the night for The Culture.

“UIN and IPTV believe in the power of the internet to broadcast authentic culture to the world,” says Kianga J. Moore, CEO of IPTV. “The overwhelming numbers prove that people want to see the world through MReck’s lens.”

MReck TV’s experience highlighted the practical use of Ray Ban Meta smart glasses, with the host donning a pair to document the event. His coverage from an influencer’s perspective gave a comprehensive look at groundbreaking technology in a practical way. MReck made tech relatable for the average viewer.

MReck TV’s presence in collaboration with UIN’s New York IPTV affiliate is designed to amplify new voices within the urban landscape, and align the media coverage and on-air personalities with the event’s theme – Hip Hop and technology.

The Ray Ban Meta smart glasses represent a leap forward in wearable technology, offering a way to share life’s memorable moments hands-free. This event not only celebrated the evolution of the glasses but also the cataclysmic influence of hip-hop on contemporary culture.

As the beats of Busta Rhymes took over the venue and Offset’s stellar performance had the audience in a clutch, the Ray Ban Meta smart glasses proved their capability to blend technology seamlessly into live entertainment. The timeless appeal of classic eyewear, combined with the latest technological advancements, positions Ray Ban and Meta at the forefront of live event experiences.

The “Hands Where Your Eyes Can See” campaign shows how technology can enrich our interaction with art and entertainment. As the night ended, it was clear that Ray Ban Meta smart glasses are a tool for capturing and sharing the essence of live performances, with MReck TV providing the perfect lens through which to view this intersection of technology, culture, and the future.

“We are excited about the alignment of technology and culture this event provided us to showcase our approach to media coverage,” says Darren D. Dickerson, CEO of Image Geyser.