‘The coordinated global annihilation of a creative Black Man with a mental illness has reached a massive  worldwide corporate following…

What is truly Machiavellian in action is while companies have cancelled their lucrative contracts with Ye , his products have reached a urber demand… So now companies that have his products but no longer have contracts with Ye are reaping windfall profits and savings costs/expenses with their cancelled contracts with Ye!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Thrasher
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On Oct 26, 2022, at 3:15 PM, Greg Thrasher <greg_thrasher@msn.com> wrote:

Something is amiss and not Kosher in the saga of Kanye West aka Ye , he deservingly has attracted intense criticism and condemnation for his series of antisemitic conspiracy comments ….

Ye’s behavior has made him a target for attacks on his sanity and his empire. There  are daily demands which aim to have Ye lose his lucrative and profitable endorsements and his celebrity cachet…

Without question this is cancel culture in full bloom, BUT is it excessive and an example of extreme overkill? Those seeking to assist Ye during his meltdown also face the wrath of his attackers for daring to intervene and render concern and compassion for Ye…

Here is where I have no problem inviting myself into this saga and I have no reservations inserting race and compassion to assist Ye here….

Ye is not a Nazi nor a serial killer nor the worse human being on the planet. There is truth to the reality that when a Black person including a celebrity goes dark and off the rails there is an extreme overreaction and excessive exaggeration that feels like a Hi Tech Lynching certainly this clearly is not a Clarence Thomas metaphor…

Black Americans and others can’t stand silent here and allow this troubled soul to beaten into submission. We have to speak up not just for Ye but for ourselves when We fuck up and go dark because not only as a result of some underlying health issues but because We are human and  human beings are imperfect human beings…

I am not recommending nor advising anyone to go purchase his music or sign some ubiquitous internet petition nor search for similar racist comments by Jewish celebrities and personalities toward Black Americans….

Compassion is not acceptance nor tolerance of hate and evil .. Compassion is an act of humanity it does not fit every twisted and vile saga but it has a place in civilization and humanity and I am invoking it now 4 Ye West